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The most frequently asked questions about the portrait experience, and their answers.

Hair & Makeup

"Does your studio provide hair and makeup?"

Yes! Every session has hair and makeup included in the service for up to two people. 

"What do these services provide?"

My makeup artist can do anything from a soft glamour look to a full face with strip lashes. and hair can be styled anyway either curls or straightened, down or up!

"What if I do my own hair and makeup?"

If you are more comfortable thats no problem, the makeup and hair is complementary with the session, if you choose to opt out thats A-OK! :)


"Does your studio provide wardrobe?"

At the studio there is a growing client closet, that you are more than welcome to look through at the consultation, and try on. However I always suggest clients bring 3-5 outfits for the session, because Its not guaranteed on a size or style you are looking for.  To view client closet click here

"What do I wear?"

At the consultation we will go over the type of session and style you are going for. The best advice to keep your images timeless is to keep a neutral colour palette, no crazy patterns, and to stay away from the "trends". Absolutely no Logos or branding, unfortunately these age very poorly and only take away from the photo.   

"Do you shoot boudoir/nude?"

Absolutely! Some of the most elegant timeless photos have little wardrobe or articles of clothing. For lingerie the studio does not offer any at this time. However with every suggestive nude session we give complementary reusable silicone pasties!

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The Session

"How long does the session take?"

We start hair and makeup at 9am typically the whole shoot and reveal is finished by 2:00.  

"Should I tan?"

Unless you regularly tan, no. The last thing we want is to be orange right before you session. If tanning we request a tanning bed and not self tanner so the garments don't stain. 

"What is required to book?"

To book I like to have an in person consultation to make sure we are a good fit, where we will pick a date and a non-refundable deposit of $200+tax will be required to hold the day. 

"Where will the session take place?"

All sessions take place at the studio (74 Broadway, suit 204) unless requested and approved other location. 

"I don't know how to pose, can you pose me?"

One of my jobs is to make you look and feel beautiful, so yes I pose and direct you, your whole shoot! :) Its one of my favourite parts of my job. I do suggest having a nice stretch before the session, some of the poses involve a strong back arches.

"Can I bring a friend?"

I understand it is out of most peoples comfort zone, so to have a friend or support person come is totally fine, as long as they aren't a distracting during the shoot.


Editing & retouching

"Can I have unedited images?"

No. I do not give out RAW files or unedited work. I consider editing the finishing touches and I don't give out unfinished work.

"Can you get rid of my pimples/under eye bags?"

Absolutely, I do a blemish fix as well as colour correcting. I remove pretty much anything that wouldn't be there permanently be there.

"Can you fix my double chin/muffin top?"

Most of these issues can be fixed with proper posing. But if you are really concerned about an area just let me know at the time a viewing.

"How long does it take to edit a session?"

It takes two weeks to edit the session after your order had been fully paid.


Pricing, Payments & Product

"Can I just have the digitals?"

I offer a premium product because I believe my work is work being shown off and loved, no just stuck in a facebook album. Unfortunately this is my most asked question. Yes if you truly want "just" the digitals you are more then welcome to opt out of the product, however it will be the same price. When you order any package it comes with a USB with your purchased digital on it. and if you order wall art you will receive the corresponding digital VIA email link.

"Do you offer payment plans?"

Absolutely, I require 25% of the total, and can do up to 4 month payment plan. No images will be edited and no product will be ordered until final payment is made.

"Do you take Credit Card?"

Yep! When you receive your Invoice there is a Credit card option, but I also accept email transfer and cash. 

"How long does it take to edit a session?"

It takes two weeks to edit the session after your order had been fully paid.

"What products do you offer?"

I offer premium Folio Boxes (my fav) beautiful customizable albums, canvases, acrylics, and prints.  


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